About Us


Cicon Engineering Inc. is a contract manufacturer, specializing in wire harness and cable harness assemblies. We have the capability to fabricate, assemble, and test high-reliability interconnect and electro-mechanical assembly products for the space, military, and aerospace industries.

We have the resources to satisfy all of our customer’s needs from consult on design through all stages of production. We partner with our customers and seamlessly become an extension of their in-house capabilities in order to provide the highest level of service.

Established in 1988, Cicon Engineering started out as a small cable shop working primarily in the military and aerospace industry. Within 5 years of business, Cicon broke into the space industry and established contacts with Prime Contractors. Over the past 25 years in business Cicon has grown as a result of constant commitment to high quality products, customer satisfaction, and quality employees.

Our Mission

Cicon Engineering, Inc. is committed to creating products of the highest quality. As a company, we show respect for all of our customers, suppliers, and employees. As a business, we have created a family environment for all of our employees to grow in as the company continues to grow. We bring all of our employees into the Cicon family, resulting in high quality products that we can all proudly stand behind and that our customers can depend on time after time.

What We Offer

Consult on Design

Throughout the quoting and building stages we give suggestions on components to reduce pricing and lead time and we recommend more efficient processes to get the job done quicker.

Program Management

Each job is assigned a Program Manager and a specific team that will see the whole job through from start to finish. We work together with the customer and immediately advise of any questions or problems to avoid any misunderstanding of requirements and specifications.

Quality Parts Customer Service

We pride ourselves on quality parts and outstanding customer service. We have a knowledgeable Quality Control department that ensures all parts go out on-time with zero-defect.

Committed to creating products of the highest quality.