Value Added Services


Here at Cicon Engineering, we’re not limited to manufacturing cable assemblies, we can also provide the below services that make us a valuable resource to your program.

XRF Analysis Machine

XRF Analysis (X-Ray Fluorescence)


XRF searches for prohibited materials such as zinc and specialty metals in:

  • Unshielded Wire and Metallic Braids
  • Shielded wire
  • Crimp and Solder contacts
  • Connectors and Accessories
  • Metallic Hardware
  • Miscellaneous Metallic Parts
  • Solder Wire and Bar


  • Inspections per IPC/WHMA-A-620
  • Birdcaging
  • Kinked Wires
  • FOD
  • Recessed/Misaligned/Bent Pins
  • Misaligned Band Clamp
  • Strand Damage
  • Loose Strands
  • Solder Joints
  • Shield Termination Points
  • Interlocking of Mating Teeth
  • Coax/Twinax/Quadrax Solder Joints and Assembly
Electrical Wires Testing

Automated Electrical Testing

  • Testing up to 24,600 termination points
  • Continuity
  • Dielectric (Hi-Pot)
  • Insulation Resistance (IR)

3D Printing & 3D CAD Designs

  • Molds
  • Fixtures
  • Brackets
Vaccum Bake Out

Vacuum Bake OUT


Cicon can be your one-stop-shop now that we have the capabilities for vacuum bake in-house.

  • Thermocouples Temp Monitoring
  • High Vacuum Range
  • TQCM Data Capture Monitoring of Outgassing
  • LN2 Cold Plate Cycling Available