Since our founding in 1988, Cicon Engineering has been an ethical company and
continually strives to provide a family environment for all employees, suppliers, and customers.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards. We established our Code of Business Conduct in 2013 in partnership with Lockheed Martin to document the ethical practices and standards that we have always adhered to as a company.

We ask our employees to consider the following questions, and seek the answers in our Business Code of Conduct.

  • Do I treat all employees, suppliers and customers with dignity and respect?
  • Do I seek to maintain a safe working environment? Who do I tell if I feel like my work area poses safety issues?
  • Do I protect trade secrets and proprietary information about Cicon? How do I recognize
    a conflict of interest?
  • Do I follow Cicon’s policy of Zero Tolerance for Discrimination and Harassment? What do I do if I witness discrimination or harassment in my workplace?

If ever faced with an ethical dilemma, employees are encouraged to speak up to a manager, human resources, or even the company president. There is never a penalty for reporting a concern in good faith.

We are committed to making our culture a culture of integrity.